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Sobre Tibia, gold farmers y un caso de ayuda y éxito PT2. Son muy buenos consejos de cómo comenzar a programar profesionalmente

Una vez más, reconocimiento al autor original de los post International-Unit-8

I have gotten so many replies and messages since my last post in this thread, that I can't answer them all individually. Previous topic:


It has been shared on multiple subreddits so I have no idea where to even post this. But I'd like to come up with a follow-up thread with some more information. The internet is the most powerful tool that mankind has ever invented. You have the ability to reach thousands, millions and even billions of people with just a computer and some internet access.

If you're on this subreddit, chances are you're already playing Tibia and you already have a computer and internet access. It doesn't need to be the best internet, but as long as websites will load (eventually) you are good to go.

In this topic I will go more in-depth on web development and software engineering. If you have a very slow internet connection, you may want to look into web development instead of software development. An application/software is much heavier (larger file size) than a website. And most developer jobs require that you send and download files, back and forth, between you and your company's server. So if you feel like your internet is too slow to send a lot of files - do not worry! There are plenty of jobs.

First, I will go through some more details on how to learn web development and software development. After that, I will list a few other kinds of jobs that you can do remotely. These types of jobs can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Part 1: Some languages you should learn

What is web development? Well, it can be a lot of things. You perhaps make websites for shops/restaurants/hair dressers/dentists, or you work for a big company and work on their web application, like Outlook, Discord or Spotify (which can all be accessed via a browser: their web app). You can also work with design and user experience, instead of programming. Being a web developer can mean so many different things, it's impossible to name them all. But most web developers are just developers: they program. They make websites, and they either sell the websites to companies (as a consultant) or you work full/part-time for a company.

I can not provide in-depth information about every single thing, but I can give you some pointers. The very basics any web developer should know is this:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - it's what almost all websites use as a foundation. This is not a programming language, but it is a markup language. If you want to build websites, you pretty much have to know this language. Don't worry though, it is easy. Not so much to learn. You can learn all about it in a few weeks.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - it's what will add colors and shapes to your website. If you want to focus more on design (also known as front end development) then this is where you want to gain a lot of knowledge.

Python - A very simple language to learn. This language is very often the first programming language that developers start using. You can use it for a lot of things. This language is used in the back of a lot of websites. Google has been using Python for years and still is. It's great for web scraping and making web requests. If you want a language to practice your algorithms, then this language is awesome.

PHP - This used to be a very popular language, but not so much these days. However, it is very good to know how this works because it's very simple to learn and also very functional in some cases. If you want to transmit or withdraw information from a database to your website, then this (in combination with SQL) is a great way to do so. Whenever you make a login system or a contact form, the data must be sent somehow to a recipient or a database. PHP will help you do that. It is a server-side language, which means it will run in the back of the website.

SQL - To be able to communicate with databases (for example: save data, update data, or insert data) you can use different languages for that. But SQL is probably the most widely used language for this. It is basically just a bunch of commands that you tell your website or app to do. If you have a web shop for example, you will need a database to store all your product information in. You can for example use MySQL as your database and then use the SQL language to extract data from your database and publish it as a list of products on your website.

JavaScript - Perhaps the most powerful language at the moment. Anyone who is good at JavaScript will be able to learn most other modern programming languages. In recent years, the demand for good JavaScript developers has skyrocketed. It's because more applications are becoming web based, and JavaScript is probably among the most useful languages to use. You can use it for so many things. Previously JavaScript was only being run on the client side of the website (that means in the user's browser). But in recent years, there has been massive development of this language and you are now able to build servers, connect to databases and do very powerful web applications using just this language. A great tutorial for JavaScript was made by Tony Alicea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv_5Zv5c-Ts This video is "just" 3.5 hours, but it's the intro. There is a much longer version of it, and you can download it for free if you search for it. Just find it as a torrent and watch it. It's probably the best tutorial I have seen for JavaScript.

C# - It's pronounced as "C Sharp". This language has been dominating the software engineering market for decades at this point. Everyone loves it. It's relatively easy to learn and you can build a lot of stuff in C#. It's very much like JavaScript, but focuses more on application development rather than website development. I would however try to avoid learning this language if you have very slow internet, since you will most likely be sending a ton of files back and forth. But if application (computer & phone) is your thing, then this language is great. There are so many tutorials on this, but there is 1 channel on YouTube which teaches a lot of the basics in C# (and many other languages) and that channel is called ProgrammingKnowledge. Sure, his C# videos may be old now but most of it is still relevant and useful. You will learn a lot by watching his videos. It's always good to start from the beginning and then when you're familiar with that, you can learn more about the recent updates in C#. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2A8tcb_YyY&list=PLS1QulWo1RIZrmdggzEKbhnfvCMHtT-sA

Java - This is pretty much 90% identical to C# as I wrote above. Widely used, relatively easy to learn the basics and there's plenty of jobs. If you like making android apps, this language is for you.

Part 2: Technologies and useful tools

To become a web developer you will need a few tools. You need a text editor, a FTP client, a SSH client and some other things. Also a good browser.

Text editor: Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets - There are many different text editors but at the moment, I highly recommend Visual Studio Code. It has so many built-in features it's honestly the only thing you may need.Don't forget to install Notepad++ as well - this very basic editor is so handy when you just quickly need to edit some files.

File archiving: WinRar, 7-Zip - You need some way of archiving projects and send it to your customer or employer. These are basic tools anyone should use. I personally use Winrar.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol): FileZilla - This tool will allow you to connect to your website's file manager and upload your files to it. There are many tools for connecting to an FTP server but this is the most popular one, it's simple and it works great.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud - If you want to practice building web applications or want to host your own website as a fun project, it's great to use a VPS for that. Both Amazon and Google offers 365 days of free VPS usage. All you need is a credit card. However, they will not charge you, as long as you stay below the free tier limit. A VPS is basically a remote computer that you can connect to. I highly recommend that, if you have a slow internet connection. Those VPS-servers (by Amazon and Google) usually have 500mbit/s internet speed, which is faster than most countries in the world. You simply connect to them via Remote Desktop, or by SSH. Depending on what type of server you are using (Windows or Linux).

SSH (Secure Shell): Solar-PuTTY, PuTTY - If you for example have a web server where you store applications and files, a great way to connect to it is by using SSH. PuTTY is pretty much the standard when it comes to SSH clients. But I really love the version created by SolarWinds. When you download that one, do not enter your personal details. Their sales people will call you and haunt you! Haha.

File Searching: Agent Ransack - When you have many files and try to locate a specific document or file, you may want to use something like Agent Ransack. Much faster than the traditional search feature in Windows and it is much more accurate.

IDE / Code Editor: Visual Studio - Great tool to use when you want to create applications in C# for example. Do not confuse this with Visual Studio Code. These are two very different tools. This tool (Visual Studio) is more designed for Windows applications. Not just websites. I only recommend getting it if you plan to make programs for Windows.

Web host & domain: NameCheap, Epik, SiteGround - If you develop websites on your own, or maybe want to create a portfolio website, you will need a domain name and web hosting. I have personally used all of these 3 and they are very cheap. NameCheap has some of the cheapest domains and great web hosting for a low price. Their support is also great. Same with SiteGround. And if you want to buy a domain anonymously (with Bitcoin for example), then you can use Epik. Low prices and great customer service on all these 3 websites.

Web Server: XAMPP, Nginx - If you plan to practice PHP, you will need to have a web server on your local computer. If you have Windows, I would highly recommend installing XAMPP (Apache). It is very easy to use for beginners. If you're on Linux, I would recommend Nginx. Also check our PhpMyAdmin if you want to quickly setup a MySQL database locally.Bonus tip: If you use Visual Studio Code to create websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript: then install the extension "live server" and you can run your applications on a live server without setting it up yourself. Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzE0yqwbdgU

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Insider, Google Chrome - You need one of the latest web browsers to create websites these days. Since I prefer privacy over functionality, I've always loved Firefox. But recently, Microsoft has been improving its new version of Edge a lot (based on Chromium) and it's also very popular. If you want all your personal details to be saved and have good tools for web development, then use Google Chrome. Don't forget to utilize the built-in developer tools. You can access it in any of these browsers by pressing F12.

Other things you may want to look into:

Web services, SSL certificates, Search Engine Optimization, Databases, API, Algorithms, Data Structures

Part 3: Learning platforms





If you want to learn in-depth about algorithms, data structures and more. Then you can take a look at the curriculum of the top-tier universities of USA. Such as: UC Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. These courses are very hard and are specifically for people who want to become experts in software engineering. You can enroll some of them for free, like the one on Harvard. And by having a such diploma (which costs $90 extra) can get you a lot of job opportunities. You can enroll those courses if you want, but it can have a fee. But just take a look at what they are studying and try do their exercises, that is 100% free. Get the knowledge. It's mostly on video too! These course below are the very same courses that many of the engineers at Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Uber, AirBnb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. has taken. It's what majority of people in Silicon Valley studied. And it's among the best classes that you can take. These course are held by some of the world's best professors in IT.

UC Berkeley: CS 61a & CS 61b:


Video playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_LryzvBxFw&list=PL6BsET-8jgYVAaK0jGVTWr9R5g7kSMQ8i


Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBSbBTFx8nFahcQyZOYOgQ

Harvard University: CS50 (free enrollment --- 90$ to get a certificate).


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): 6.006


Held by Erik Demaine. One of the best - if not THE best - professor at MIT. Just look at this resume. It's almost 50 pages long! https://erikdemaine.org/cv.pdf

Part 4: Finding jobs




Facebook groups for web developers, freelancing, remote work, etc.

Portfolio / Code Sharing / Source Control:


Part 5: Other types of jobs you can work with (remotely) - with/without coding experience

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Translations (Spanish/Portuguese, etc.)

Affiliate Marketing (look into Clickbank.com - and use Facebook Ads to promote products)

Design (web design, photo design, etc.)

Copywriting (write sales letters for companies)

Database manager (monitor and administrate a company's database)

YouTube - make YouTube videos to gain views. Views = Money.

Dropshipping (use Shopify.com for example) and sell products in a webshop. Benefit with dropshipping is that you don't personally store the products.

Customer support

more...? Banking, economics, etc.

You can find information about all of the things I have mentioned by using YouTube or Google search.

Hope it helps.

And I hope that in 1 year, there will be at least some new web developers in Brazil, Venezuela and other countries in South America.
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I can't call myself a victim if I know what I took.

"Mom," I said, "Do you really think I can follow my dreams?" I was sitting on a chair on our apartment balcony while I looked up as the clouds passed over another layer of dotted clouds which felt like sand on the shore in the sky.

My mother, who looked more tired than she tried to hide, got herself to smile enough when she said, "Honey, if you ever get to do something you really like, something that makes you happy, then that can be both of our dream." She then held my shoulders as I turned around to kiss her cheek.

"I love you mom." I said as I gave her a great big hug.

Her voice cracking, all she could manage was, "my sweet girl. Promise me that you will come right back here and tell me when you reach that dream. Can you promise me that?"

"I promise... H-hey mom."

"What is it Haley?"

"Think I can help you back into your chair?"

"Oh don't you worry about that honey, I'll be fine." She chided as she shook her hands onto her wheelchair as she gently blocked me with her trembling hands, telling me to back away and let her do this. She trembled as she got into her seat and looked at me with confusion. The caretaker came and asked if everything was alright. I told her things were fine and she recommended it was around the time to leave. So I got my coat, took my purse, and kissed my mom goodbye for the day.

It was difficult to convince her step by step that she needed assisted living conditions. Needed a caretaker. She even got real upset with me when it was my idea to install a "Life Alert" system in her home. She was losing her hearing but the hearing aid was doing half its job. Her vision on the other hand, had a bad scar in one eye as she loses her vision I try and try to convince her to get some eye surgery. She tells me "when she is ready for it" every time I ask but seriously, who is ever ready for surgery?

As I walked out the door I guess no matter how many times I hear it before, and no matter how many times I prepare for it, it always hurts.

For lack of a better word, her eyes "change." Suddenly she looks around her surroundings as if the walls had expanded.

"Who was that?" She asked her caretaker.

"Your daughter." The caretaker said.

"No. Haley's my little girl. She's still in the 2nd grade."

I couldn't stand it. I opened the door again.

"Mom, I grew up." I said.

The caretaker looked startled, as if to warn me to stop but she was too late. I didn't care. I love my mother and I want to be by her side. Because she first loved me and I know that beautiful lesson from this teacher. I know it's real, and because of her I still feel it, no matter what happens to me that makes me despise it. It's there.

Even when she forgets.

"No you didn't. Who ARE you, young lady? Where's Haley? Somebody HELP!"

"Mom, it's me." I said as I pressed my face against hers. She resists as usual and is about to push me away when I tell her. "Mommy, you forget this all the time. I grew up."

She stops resisting for a moment to wonder if what I'm saying is true. I know that she has to process this all over again. She reaches for my face and her thumb makes tiny circles around my cheek.

".....Is it? Is it really you, Haley? My little Haley?"

"Yes mom. It's me, Haley. I'm not going anywhere." I said with tears in my eyes. We held each other for a while and then I decided a few more hours just gently sitting wouldn't be so bad.

When it's really time for me to leave, she sits in the chair watching me leave, smiling.

That's how I want to leave the room from now on.

A lot has changed since I assigned a caretaker. People tell me that maybe I should send her to a home. However, she really wants to keep one last piece of her independence, and my heart burns with power when I think of her strength. I lie to friends and family that I read up on it but I actually have very little knowledge of how retrograde amnesia works. By lying that I know more, in a sense, I guess it's my stupid way of letting people know that I can emotionally deal with it and that I am allowed to be there for my mother without hurting when it does. As though false knowledge gives me the right.

My mother doesn't even know her symptoms but she fights on like a delirious knight, swinging blades in the darkness and jumping into the danger. She is, and always has been, my hero.

I'm no hero.

I didn't make much money. I was a waitress when I was told I was going to be laid off. I visited Mom to comfort her. At least that's what I told myself. I knew that I was really trying to comfort myself, really. Even though I know she wouldn't, I wanted Mom to sit with me and help me sort life's problems with short hugs and warm smiles along the way. I wanted that reassurance you can only get from a mom who loves you.

I hosted a makeup show on YouTube. I would just connect a camera to my laptop while I applied eyeliner and nail polish and somehow I garnered a following. To try and stretch my limits, I ended up played some puzzle games and dating sims. People thought I was cute. A good kind of cute. They liked me when I would joke around or mess up on a game. I guess I liked myself more back then as was a fan of along with them. It was around 2010 when people told me in comments that I could make money through something called "ad sense". At the time all I knew was it was some kind of partnership program so when I figured it out I knew I had to join up. At first, I thought the comments were trolling me, but I saw other YouTube users doing it and before I knew it, I was signed up and actually going to be making money.

I was connected with it through the help of some of my friends. I was at a party when Tiff, my glamorous friend who always flaunts herself around and is way too forward with everyone around her, especially me. Tiff is the girl who usually never notices signs that I am uncomfortable, or that I did not want this to happen. Then there is Chris. Chris is that awkward little neighbor I used to have and after he moved away we remained close. We still went to the same schools and kept in touch over the years. He was at the party, because he knew how I can go through Google ad sense since he claimed to know one of the Google ad execs so I can make more than a usual creator. They set up my account and got me in through my PayPal account using my credit card and my social security number. I admit in retrospect I could have planned it out better but they told me to keep things simple. Then I told them to create a GoFundMe page for my mother's upcoming surgery expenses.

I owe her that much.

At the party, Tiff introduced me to some of her roommates' friends who were really loud and wild girls while in the back of the dance floor (kitchen) was Chris, adjusting the volume on the iPod speakers to low. He stood neatly in a suit and tie, and I thought I overdressed. Chris took me upstairs to a computer, and he shut the door and there was someone already on the keyboard, typing quickly as he dictated and asked me exactly what kind of show I put on YouTube. I told him I do makeup and games. He put me in the system, I "signed" documents online and before I knew it I officially had a job. Online. How cool was that!!?

Chris thanked me for being patient as he had a dial-up modem and the process took a LOT longer than it needed to be. I was alright and he invited me to go downstairs and have some fun while he and his buddy do a bunch of boring legal stuff for me online. Tiff immediately grabbed me and shoved me in front of this hunky guy who made me get into a cold sweat. I quickly checked my hair and hoped what I was wearing was nice enough. He was a European friend of her roommate who came over to the states to see some cute American girls.

He was Kris, who was much cuter than Chris.

Kris Dieb. Even his name was incredible. He was full of grace, charm, and wit. The caliber that he held was so high. He just finished talking and shouting back at Chris when I approached him.

He gave me one glance-over, and then gave his verdict.

"Chris here, tells me that you are cute...."

I trembled where I stood.

"However I do not think that you are cute." He put his hand on my chin and told me. "I think that you are beautiful."

My heart flutter-fainted as I swooned over him cartoonishly. I just melted into a puddle and he danced with me into the night. It was like a fairytale. They even played "You Belong With Me'" by Taylor Swift on the speakers. He was the prince and I was the princess. I will say yes...

I was blushing a storm while Tiff excitedly begged me for details as she pulled me from him for a chance with him herself. I figured this was a good a time as any to actually go back home. Before I do that, however, I realize that I just had a major breakthrough. Not the guy. The YouTube Partnership Program. I had a job! Online! And all I have to do is what I like doing all the time, and I get PAID for it? Oh my god, my mind was ready to blow.

I have a job now. A real job.

Immediately, I knew there was someone else who had to know.

She was sitting in her bed watching television when she looked my way. "You're not the caretaker," she grumbled. As she got into her wheelchair, she pushed herself towards me with a look of suspicion and bewilderment. "What is your name, young lady?"

"It's Haley."

She looked startled upon hearing the name. I was worried she was going to have another freak out and then I would be pushed away from her. I was scared, but the face I gave her was a straight one. Then she looked at me with a much softer expression. She was lowering her defenses and that was always a good sign. She started a small smile.

"You know, I have a daughter named Haley. She's still in the 2nd grade. Sweetest little thing, too. Do you want me to show you her picture? I think I have it around here somewhere. Hold on, let me get it."

I stood patiently waiting with my hands behind my back against the wall and bouncing on my heels like a cartoon. I was tempted to whistle.

"So Haley, what do you do?"

"I make money on YouTube now, mom." Oops. I slipped my tongue. She is my mother and I am used to talking with her like that. It's almost as if she is playing a part for a theater sketch and she only has to pretend she doesn't know me to dive deeper into her character. That's what I tell myself. Really, she is at the ocean's floor, as deep as she can go. It is so hard to follow her down.

"Calling me mom are we? You are a strange woman to come and visit a lady all cooped up here and call me 'mom'. Is your mother missing?"

"She always is..." I said quietly.

"That's too bad. Shame on her, leaving a nice young lady out to fend for yourself. I guess your'e just one of those people with abandonment issues or what do you call it?.... " She trailed off in her thoughts and didn't come back. She was still searching her drawer though a pile of messy photographs.

"Here we are. Haley.... meet Haley." Mom said proudly as she held up one of the pictures.

The small freckled girl in the photograph was holding a baseball bat in front of a chain-link fence along a large shady weeping willow in the middle of the park. The girl was smiling and had missing teeth. Her shirt was stained in flecks you can barely see but I was only looking for the mustard from the nachos her Dad got her before her big game. I still miss Dad, but he left us a long time ago...

As I looked into the little girl's eyes tears began to form in my own as I wish I could tell her that something very bad was about to happen. If I could somehow tell her. I wanted to warn her. I wanted to encourage her. I wanted to say so many things that I was going to have a mental breakdown if I continued thinking about them all. About that little girl. So instead, I hit reset and played pretend with her.

"She's a beautiful little girl."

"Isn't she? Makes me proud to see her do so many things. You know, I bet your mother loves you too."

"I know she does."

"That's very good to hear. When was the last time you spoke with her?"

"That's a very personal question. I think I'd better leave." I was about to make my way towards the door. I meant it.

"How about you tell me what you would want to say to your mother, you know, if she were here."

If she were here? Does she even knew what she was saying?

"If she were here..... I'd tell her that I did it. I want to tell her, 'Mom, I did it. I'm doing what I wanted to. That I'm going for my dreams.'"

She looked at me and said, "That's strange.... I'm not sure.... but I think it was a dream where I wanted someone special to me, someone close, to have the same thing....."

I smiled at her. "Funny isn't it?"

"Well, I suppose as long as you are doing what you want to do, I'm sure your mother is very proud of you."

Then she sat up and she turned her head to look at me and gave a knowing grin.

"You can call me 'mom' if you want to. It's fine."

"Okay. I gotta go. Take care, mom."

"Bye honey. Oh honey, you forgot your purse. Don't forget that."

I realized that I did leave it. She handed it to me as I clumsily made my way back outside.

"Bye, mom."

"Bye Haley."

That was as close to normal without the tearfully long reveal that "it's me" that I ever had to do. Sometimes as a stranger, I get to see another side of her. It helps me appreciate her more. I still can't believe that this wonderful, suffering woman is my mother.

I got back to my apartment and began unpacking things and got out my laptop. I recorded another video and realized I can do movie reviews and that's when I saw the new messages. I guess I enabled live chat as I was streaming and there was this woman who said she was an ad executive but wanted to thank me so wanted to know more about me. She told me that I needed to join her in her sister's wedding and on a whim I sent her a private message and gave her my address. Normally, I would say never give your address but she was a girl and girls don't do anything besides I wanted to get drunk and party with some real girls.

I sat alone with my fingers resting on the keyboard with my thoughts as I stared mindlessly into the glaring white of the Google's screen. There was no Google Doodle that day, which was odd since they celebrate practically anyone's birthday or landmark in the world. However, I just kept staring. For a very long time. Until I come back to reality and realize that I just overthink certain things and that I should really get on with living my life.

I know that's all in my head, but I could have sensed that something on my screen began to flicker. I checked the cord and it seemed okay. I recently downloaded an update for Adobe flash player and my computer has been buggy ever since.

*knock* *knock*

Someone was at the door, I quickly logged off and closed my laptop. I went over to see who was there.

I was greeted by the sound of Chris, who sounded worried.

He asked me to log in to my Google account and he wanted to check something. I didn't know what he was doing but he clicked a lot of "Agree" buttons before logging me off.

He also looked really shaken up, like somebody had just scolded him. He never looked at me that way before, like I was a vicious animal, ready to strike and at the same time like he deserves it.

After that, he left.

So I go online and decide to make a new video that week.

In the video, I put in a clip from a movie out-of-context as a joke. I remember clicking "I own this so I can post it" and the message said, "that still does not give you the right to share copywritten material." Then I hit that I think that this is "fair use" under sections of criticism and education (and fun).

It was a large file, about a 30 GB video, since the effects of the studio app I have render the video like a monster. It takes HOURS to upload the whole thing, and even more to process the video.

Within 2 minutes after "your video is available at " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfe73Dhd" it got 3 strikes in one go. I don't know how, but multiple flags were in place and my account was removed from Google. Subsequently it was obvious the video was pulled too, so don't bother clicking the link.

I even had a charity live stream and I got a message saying that all the funds have been kept by the issuer of the strikes on my channel. Again, it doesn't sound like it could work and I could be making up details but that's all I know.

I don't know how it worked but it did. Not only that, but my PayPal account, my Chase account, and even my BitCoin were all gone. Nonexistent.

I went to the DMV and presented my driver's license, but.... it was no longer a match. I tried to claim that maybe somebody stole my identity, but when they asked if there was anyone who could verify my identity, I went to see her again.

She looked at me and the man with the notepad. "Mom, it's me. Haley."

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I know you're not."

She was right. There were tears in my eyes, too.

Haley Petersen was killed while she studied abroad in 2014. Back then she met this charming man who we never got to know the name of. I happened to be an identity thief myself and took her place when I found her credit card in the states. When I went to visit her mother with retrograde amnesia, that did it. The perfect job.

It wasn't so perfect when I saw what a good woman this was. I really wanted it to work.

I really wanted her to be my mother.

Because I was so stupid to investigate my own identity theft, my record immediately caught up with me and I am charged with counts of fraud and embezzlement and probably some false charges added by Google on top from my accusers.

I read up on everything about Haley. Her missing father, her baseball games he used to driver her to. The pit stops and meals they shared as a family. It was all right there, in her diary.

Her bedroom was my study.

After reading so much about her and trying to think like her, I actually began to think I was her. I eventually felt like these mental images while I read her life stories slowly became mine. As though it were thought transference. It's not possible that we can think the same way, but given how close I come to a description of Haley it was only stranger that I can imagine what I think her way of thinking is... I think.

I was caught. It was over.

I called up Kris Dieb and told him the jig was up. We both had to confess. Youtube and the scam we tried to pull off with the help of my friends are no longer the concern. The very identity of the "Haley" I almost thought I was proved to me that I got in this too deep.

I don't feel like a criminal. I just know I am one. I guess my feelings will never catch up with me.

So as the police are investigating this and I am allowed one last post. I want to tell you. Yes, there are people who make invalid strikes on YouTube. Yes, the algorithm seems one-sided. Yes, there is censorship. Yes, smaller creators are being taken advantage of.

I took one last look at my "mom." There were tears in her eyes. When she saw the police report of her real daughter's death. How my real name is [removed] and how everyone I knew in my life before I abandoned long ago. This woman, the woman I had lied to, feigning sympathy for her memory loss wasn't all fake.

At one point this became real.

I miss you. Mommy.

You were the only real mother to me, and I was taking advantage of you. I should feel terrible. Strange fact of the matter is, I don't. I loved spending time with her. I just felt a connection that I never had with anyone before.

I know what I did was wrong, and I cannot feign ignorance. Nobody is going to give me any pity. I was in the wrong.

I can't call myself a victim if I know what I took.
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The Quiet Room.

Keoni was a bit of a weird one, even when we were young. Everybody else thought so. He was highly energetic, easily distracted, and was always running off in every direction like he was looking for something. Like a kite without a string.
He talked weird too. He crammed hundreds of words into a single sentence, and you'd be lucky to squeeze in a remark or two. It put most people off, and I kind of understand that. What do you do when a guy appears out of nowhere and blabs on nonstop for two minutes without making eye contact?
But the one time he did it to me, I wasn't that fussed. I've always been a listener, always been the quiet one. Not that I was shy or whatever, but I just preferred to open my mouth when I actually had something interesting to say.
"Bipedal robots look cool in Gundam," he said. "But they are highly impractical in real life. Traversal algorithms would be difficult, as you reach non-flat surfaces."
I nodded. "Interesting," I said. "Tell me more."
He sucked on his lollipop, taking a quick moment to flick through his messy, curly black hair. "See, you also have to account for gyroscopic calculations just so your mecha stands up…and don't even get me started on the Buster Rifle…"
And he went on. For a full two hours.
When he finished, the sun had fully set on the horizon. My back ached from sitting down, but I didn't mind - I found him really, really interesting. Which is rare when you live on a bumfuck country town where everyone only ever talks about mining. But here he was, talking about giant robots and beam sabers, and automatons like he was some sort of expert on the topic. He moved on to astronomy, then to Pluto, then to Charon, then to Greek mythology, and you could feel his brain crackle from the leaps it made.
When he snapped out of his trance, he stared at me for a full five seconds before he said, "You're Karl, right? You're cool. You're cool-Karl. Cool, cool Karl. You wanna catch some bugs?"
We turned into really good friends after that. Keoni was my only friend after that. I wasn't really that sociable, but I always found him fascinating. He kept his weird edge all throughout high school, even through the bullying that he suffered. He brushed it all off, like it was a minor inconvenience. Like he had better things to do, better things to think about.
And he did. He flew through classes and aced his grades, ate his syllabus like he had a perpetual hunger. He joined every club, excelled at everything you could throw at him - literature, film, music - hell, he even killed it at home economics. He would get popular for a while - everybody loves a high-achiever - but then they'd back off once they discovered how…different he was.
One time, he ran to my desk while I was taking notes. He was huffing, but he had a mad glint in his eye. "I did it," he said, in between gasps of breath. "You should come."
I raised my eyebrows at him. I knew where this was going. "What did you do, and what are you dragging me into?"
His lips curled into a wicked smile. He took a deep breath. "Year 12 is running a Pure Math class and it's really interesting and they weren't too excited about having a Year 8 take it but I convinced them anyway and I think we should go because it would be a challenge-"
I sighed. "Keoni, man. Pure Math is really heavy, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. Should we just chill out, maybe?"
His head lowered all of a suddenly, like he was suddenly deflated. "But, Karl…" he whispered. "Please? I just need to do something, man. Please come."
There was a terrible ache in the way that he said that. So I said yes. His face broke into glee, and he ran out of the room with big skips in his step. At that point, I realized that Keoni didn't do things because he wanted to. He did it because he had to, because his being relied on his need to throw his brain against something.
For the first time, I wondered about his happiness as a person. How he would be, if he ran out of things to do. And for some unknown reason, I felt myself become terrified.
I saw the ugly side of it as we neared the end of the senior term. Keoni was idly typing on a keyboard, as I stepped inside his room. It was a mess - with assorted notes on sheets of paper strewn around like dead leaves. Corkboards with pictures and art and schematics. Ephemera of his overactive mind.
"What's doing?" I asked him. He was hunched over his seat, with an incredible boredom looming over his face. He turned his head to face me, but he didn't stop typing. "Neural network," he said with a flat voice. "It's a new system for poker machines. At the same time, I'm refactoring the algo to see if I can use it to render 8-bit versions of our school's photos."
"That sounds overly complicated and incredibly stupid," I said.
He shrugged. "I know. I know."
"Then why do you do it?" I asked.
Suddenly, he stopped typing and bent his head against his knees. His shoulders shook, as he gripped on his shins tightly. I could hear stifled sobbing.
"I'm just…I'm just so fucking bored, man", he said in a faltering voice. "I'm running out of things to do. I love this place and all, but I just…I just…fuck, dude."
I saw him cry for the first time, and I didn't know what to do. I awkwardly put an arm around him. He brushed it off completely. I tried again, and he let it stay longer this time. As he curled up and wept, I wondered if under all of his raw capability, he was just a kid who wanted toys to play with.
He looked up at me with his reddened eyes and said, "Karl…am I broken? I'm quickly realizing that I may be broken as a human being."
I shook my head. "No man," I said. "You just live in the moments when you're tackling something new and bigger than you."
He chuckled. "That sounds pretty fucked up, relative to normal people."
"Well, normal is boring anyway," I replied. I walked towards his window and yanked the venetian blinds open. Sat on it, so that my head was completely outside. It opened to a busy intersection where cars buzzed by. No doubt, a small source of interest for him. I lit a cigarette, and we sat together in silence, trying to digest the past ten minutes.
"I have a job offer in Melbourne, by the way," he suddenly piped up. "I think I'm going to take it."
I raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? When does it start?" I asked.
"Tomorrow," he said, smiling.
And that was the last time I saw him happy.
Life went on, if somehow with a big chunk of it missing. The problem with having a few people in your life is that you immediately feel it when they're gone. If you are the average of the people you know closely, then half of me has been taken out.
But I walked forward anyway. I had an easy time through college, thanks to Keoni dragging me through advanced courses. I found a job rather quickly too. But I never found anyone who could engage me or fascinate me as much as he did.
Keoni would send me small batches of email, every few months. They would be short, to the point, and would contain scant information about how he was doing. I've been able to assemble a picture from the scraps though: he had an interesting job, with interesting problems to solve - something to do with cryptocurrency. He was working on improving calculation algorithms for bitcoin farms. He got paid well. He lived well. The city was endlessly interesting for now, and that was all that mattered to him.
And then the emails stopped for half a year.
When I next heard about him, it was from the police. He was in the hospital after sustaining grave injuries. And while they couldn't figure it out at first, they eventually realized that he kept saying one thing, again and again.
It was my name.
The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a good three hours from Ararat, and I drove as fast as I could to get there in the middle of the night. The police didn't give me any more information, besides the fact that he was critically injured. I assumed the worst, as I barreled through the highways, through the quiet backroads of Victoria.
As soon as I reached the hospital, I sprinted upstairs, towards the reception. A tired nurse took my details. I told her that I was here for a friend, and that I was called by the police. "His name is Keoni Brown," I said. "He's a friend of mine."
Her eyes widened. "Oh god," she gasped quietly. "Okay. It's just in 7 South. Bed 21. The police officers should be on standby…"
I made my way there as fast as I could. Immediately, I was greeted by two police officers - dressed in their dark blues, wearing a tactical vest. They had a tired look in their eyes. "Are you Karl Williams?" the taller one said. I nodded.
"I'm Acting Inspector Reynolds, and this is First Constable Hughes," he said. "Your friend, Keoni Brown, was found locked in a container unit in Docklands after we followed an anonymous tip…"
"What?" I said.
"Listen," he said softly. "He's in there right now. But I have to warn you sir…he's in a bad way. He's sedated right now."
I nodded. They walked me through. And there he was.
He was lying down on the hospital bed, half of his body covered with bandages. It covered his eyes and his ears. Flecks of dried blood on the side of his neck. Where his hands would be, was a stub that ended abruptly, shortly from his elbow. Meanwhile, Inspector Reynolds gave me the details, as if he was reading from a list in his head. "They gouged his eyes out. Eardrums ruptured. Amputated below the wrist. Amputated tongue..."
What the hell happened?
Later on, Inspector Reynolds took me to a pub across the street. He walked me to a quiet corner, then moved to the bar to order me a couple of slugs of whiskey. I sat down and drained the glasses as fast as I could.
"Do you know anyone that could have done this?" Reynolds asked. "Enemies, people he's had trouble with…?"
"No…" I shook my head. "Just…yeah, no. We've…we've been out of touch for a while. I can't…I can't even imagine how anyone could do this to him…"
All the while, the sight of him in the hospital bed replayed in my head. The catalogue of injuries that Reynolds mentioned was assembling the parts of him I couldn't see. The human instinct is to make sense of things as fast as possible, but nothing was registering. I felt numb.
"Do you have any leads?" I asked.
"We've heard a couple of things…" Reynolds said. "That he was working with the mob, moving money for them. We have a pretty good idea of who it might be, but if you could give us more information, that would be of help."
I shook my head once more. "Tell me where you found him," I said.
"I don't think you want to be there," Reynolds said. "I'll give you the information if you really want it, but you really don't want to be there."
"I want to see it. I want to see everything that they did to him," I said.
Reynolds shook his head. "You don't understand, Karl," he said. "They kept him at that place, in this way, for three whole months…"
It's a short cab ride to the docks from the hospital. It was the middle of the night, and the streets were largely empty, save for the occassional truck passing by. Lonely yellow sodium lights flickered through the pedestrian walkways, replaced by harsh white lights as I made my way to the stacks of container boxes.
They were stacked high, rusted on the sides, flecked with peeling paint. Looming over everything like forgotten towers. Finally, I found the place.
It was a container box like any other; save for the unlocked bolts and yellow tape marking it as a crime scene. I ripped the tape away and unlatched the bolts holding the doors together, and then I swung it open…
It stank like something rotten. In the middle of the box was a cross, with leather braces, fitted for the torso, arms, and legs. Dried blood on the places where the arms and the head should be. A small tube ran from the side, close to where the head was. Dried flecks of something - oatmeal? gruel? - coagulated on the end. A pile of dried feces right below the cross.
He was kept here for three months…
And immediately, against my will, everything pieced itself together in my head. How Keoni was kept here, rendered incapable of seeing anything, hearing anything, saying anything at all. How his hands were rendered useless. How he was fed and kept alive in the dark, how his head was starved of any input whatsoever…for a whole three months.
I immediately ran outside. Found it suddenly difficult to breathe. And then I saw something else. On the inside of the doors was spray-painted:
tell him he could keep the money he stole
hes going to need it haha
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Meet the Team

Posted in the introduction channel on discord. Thanks CryptoHaga. 👍🏻
The Developers
Most of the developers have been around since the start of cryptocurrency. The core developers are:
Peter Bushnell aka Bushstar (Lead Developer): Peter launched Feathercoin in 2013 and joined UFO in 2014. His journey into cryptocurrency started in 2011 mining Bitcoin before shifting interest into the varied world of alternative cryptocurrencies. Before starting Feathercoin he worked for Brasenose, one of the Oxford University colleges, for 11 years developing administrative systems.
Ghostlander (NeoScrypt creator) Has been with Feathercoin development team since the early days. Currently leading the development on new hashing algorithm - Neoscrypt. Contributes to all things technical when we’re talking code, he and Bushstar work closely together hashing out the technical details with other members of the development team too. He is also the lead developer on Phoenixcoin after had volunteered to raise it out of the ashes, take care of their code and developments after previous developers abandoned the coin in dust. He is also the lead developer on Orbitcoin.
Wrapper (Developer, Analysis, Testing, Community support, Forum Mod/Admin) An early member of the Feathercoin forum, joining in the technical discussions. Helps out maintaining the forum, greeting new members, answering and analysing mining and technical support issues and mentoring new staff members. Monitors the block chain network and some development and testing. Has a PhD in Physics and was working as Maintenance Management systems consultant and Software designer at Manchester University earlier in his career.
uncle_muddy (Development and Merchant Adoption) Became involved with Feathercoin in late 2013. Has helped Feathercoin along its journey with the Prostate Cancer UK fundraiser, developing a building the OpenFeathercoinATM, assisting with the organisation of meet-ups, and is now working on FeatherPay - the handheld Point of Sales terminal.
ChekaZ (Community support, Developer, Social Media Expert) I am a German student who became involved in Feathercoin at May 2013. Since then I have been helping with merchant adoption in Germany with Dahms Winery being our first merchant. I also like doing my own little projects such as spearheading the special limited edition bottles of wine from the winery, also have taken a dabble in some development work and made MinerX – a mining tool for beginners.
Wellenreiter (Developer, Network Specialist, Forum Mod/Admin) Grey haired German, working as network specialist for a large company. Linux fan. Got involved with Feathercoin in summer 2013. Started with mining, and still mines with low hashrates. Does some programming and testing. Creates the Linux install packages and Android releases.
MrWyrm (Forum Mod/Admin) In his early thirties, he’s a community and people power enthusiast working in IT and retail systems. He found cryptocurrencies late but instantly fell in love with the technology and its potential to help communities. When not involved in cryptocurrencies he’s crossing stupidly hot chilli peppers on his allotment and currently enrolled as a Natural Sciences degree major.
AcidD aka AcidDude (Developer, Community Support, Forum Mod/Admin) IT Operations manager by trade, found FTC late 2013 and lurked till 2015. An Original BTC/LTC and now FTC GPU miner from the very early days of crypto. He just does whatever he can to help the community and coin. Creates the Windows and MacOS releases.
The developers are preferably contacted via the Feathercoin forum: http://forum.feathercoin.com/
GitHub Link: https://github.com/FeatherCoin/Feathercoin
The Community
Feathercoin cannot be what it is today without the support and help from the community. The developers are directly in contact with the community using several channel servers. The channel servers which the community can be found are on:
Feathercoin Forum: https://forum.feathercoin.com/
Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/feathercoin/shared_invite/enQtMjQ3NDU4ODE1Nzk4LTY0YzIwMGRmZTZiMzY3NTg4NzIzZDg3NTY0ZjQ3MzJlNzM3ODBjNGMzYzVjZTFlZDRjZjA1MTM5YzhkNDExNjY
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAmtERX_qv27GRVRPw
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/FeatherCOin/
Social Media Twitter: https://twitter.com/Feathercoin?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
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The Paypal of crypto? Can Garret camp and Naval Ravikant deliver this?

The Blockchain Paypal we have all been waiting for is here!
Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are getting more and more complex by the day. Everyday we read about a new protocol, algorithm or method to achieve consensus. Amidst all of this I think we would all agree that transaction speed, fees and ease of use are 3 big barriers to mass adoption for day to day use of cryptocurrencies. Whilst I am 100% behind the various open source projects in the ecosystem which are providing ground breaking new methods, I really think we are missing a lower level day to day transacting currency and wallet which is globally recognised and accepted.
Garret (founder of uber) and Naval Ravikant (founder of angel list and Blockchain entrepreneur) may have just launched the Paypal of crypto and it’s called eco.com.
After reading the whitepaper which doesn’t really dive into any real detail of which Blockchain they will be using they do give a brief overview of what they are planning to achieve. Whilst to someone who has read the ethereum white and yellow papers the eco whitepaper may be a little light and if it wasn’t backed by people we know in IT and Blockchain most of us would probably dismiss it as another scam ico or a shitcoin airdrop. However the fact it’s getting spearheaded by people who are good at getting mass adoption - think Uber adoption, think angel list adoption - gives it some credibility.
From a true crypto maximalists point of view eco is not fully decentralised as it plans to achieve consensus by having verified nodes. Initially universities from 50+ nations and other large organisations ( no detail on whom these other organisations are) However the counter argument to this is neither is any other crypto at the moment as most blockchains either have large mining pools which ensure consensus or masternodes. Yet I still sway towards the ethereum view that if anyone would like to become a full node they can do, if anyone wants to become a miner they can do so.
In eco this is not the case it is very much governed by the eco foundation. However to usher the masses into Blockchain an empirical approach is required and eco.com may just be the solution that does it.
Whilst eco may go against many crypto enthusiasts views and certainly most of the cypherpunks will be pulling their hair out at eco my personal view is this is good for the overall Blockchain eco system.
The key to mass adoption is education, I’m only in my 30’s yet I remember the days where people were afraid to use Paypal - films like “the net” (Sandra bullock) made people even more paranoid however as soon as eBay came on the scene and educated a mass user base and showed people how to use it, how safe it is and the governance behind it, Paypal shot to the moon.
The Blockchain payment space requires a moonshot and I think eco will give this moonshot to the Blockchain space. Mass adoption, mass useage and mass education on how blockchains work.
Now as for crypto economics on how eco will achieve any form of price stability - I have no idea and nor is it mentioned in the whitepaper. In economic terms if this currency is mass adopted it will be helicopter money, the danger is people just end up hodling this eco. For eco to be successful it must be used day to day like Apple Pay and Paypal.
Personally if the goal is to achieve a stable coin, rather than a speculative coin which goes up and down really fast eco must adopt an economic system like makerdao and dai
The universities can be the organisations that view the CDPS and open and close them.
I think I have rambled on a bit now however 1 question comes to mind if eco isn’t truly decentralised, it doesn’t really have any dapps why the need for it?
Eco is needed for mass adoption and yes probably the main thing eco will achieve is create an alternative wire for cash, a brand new infrastructure totally by-passing swift, sepa and other traditional banking payment processors. As long as it is mass accepted on online platforms then eco will gain mass adoption in no time.
A prime condition and criteria for mass adoption is also ensuring eco is always exchangeable or “ShapeShift-able” from The top 10 cryptocoins in circulation and combined with this it is accepted as a method of payment for day to day goods and services.
This will give hodlers some incentive convert to eco and spend the hoarded generates wealth in the market. £1000 Iphone ? No problem I’d like to pay with eco please......
Or £80,000 Tesla no problem I’d like to pay with eco please
This is it fellow people naval, Garret if you’re reading this you have a big weight on your shoulders you are about to change the world and possibly have the worlds first globally accepted mass used crypto currency which totally by-passes the banks and the tradition fiat money printing service
For all the HODLERS our there and all the people working on various genuine projects across the ecosystem eco.com is a good thing for the community. We will still have bitcoin for asset value, Monero and zcash for privacy, ethereum for smart contracts, the token eco system for their various services I see eco.com as a lower level easily accessible and easily spendable currency which can be used globally to pay for goods and services.
May be we will have collateral debt positions where people can put up their traditional crypto assets in return for eco’s to spend and simply pay back the ecos to get back your assets
Eco.com is good the the crypto eco system if they meet their goals of 1. Mass adoption 2. Ease of use 3. Partnerships with retailers to accept eco
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TRITTIUM platform review

TRITTIUM platform review
First and foremost, of course, I want to greet all readers and express my gratitude already for taken an interest to my article. In the second, I will warn you that this article is not a guide for buying any crypto assets. Well, in the third - English is not my native language and I'm not very strong in it, so I'm apologizing for errors.
And now, it's time to get down to business. So, let's begin. ;)
1: Debriefing. What is this project and what it is intended for.
TRITTIUM - is a blockchain intended for servicing a platform on which, according to the developers, it will be possible to receive a loan in fiat money by leaving a cryptocurrency as a collateral.
What!? Huh ... -This was my first reaction. What's the point of leaving money as collateral to get money?
When I found out about this, I immediately had a question: if I have a crypto, I can just sell it, why should I take a loan and pay interest? As it turned out, this does make sense.
Let's take, for example, the current situation with the prices for Bitcoin. In these latter days, the price for bitcoin gradually moved only downwards. Some are satisfied with this situation - they are ready to wait for a long time, but there are people who have a need to urgently receive a certain amount of money. You can, of course, take a loan from the bank, but we all know what difficulties are involved in obtaining a bank loan for a large amount, what interest will have to pay, and there is no certainty that you will be able to get it. At the same time, you have, well, let's say 10 bitcoins. Naturally, you do not really want to sell it at a rate of $ 6000, do you? And in this situation such a platform will be useful. You can leave your BTC on the bail, and get the necessary amount of money.
Today at the time of writing this review - 28/07/2018, Bitcoin price is $ 8185, and 2 weeks ago on 14/07/2018, the price was $ 6200. You can check on the charts. If we proceed from our amount of 10 BTC, the difference is 19850 $. How do you like that? I would have ripped all my hair out of my a..., sorry, out of my head, having lost that much money, if I sold it at a price of 6200 and saw that in two weeks it had grown so high. And then, do not even talk about the interest on the loan. But still we will return to this issue.
2: How does it work?
Basically, everything is quite simple - you register on the site and place an application for a loan. But here lies the main difference between TRITTIUM and existing platforms (yes, such a platform already exists and the amount of loans issued in the first six months exceeded $ 40,000,000). When you create a loan application, you specify not only the amount you would like to receive and for how long, but also you can decide for what percentage you are ready to take it. Immediately the question arises: how is it? Is there no fixed loan conditions? Imagine that they really do not exist! The thing is that platform participants can not only take a loan, but also give their money to loans. Thus, if you have free money that is idle and you do not know where to invest it - you can go to the platform, look at applications for a loan, choose the best offer with the highest interest for which you are ready to give your money, and give a loan to the applicant. In this way, a market will develop and not the only one side will determine the terms of the deal, but both will converge on conditions that suit everyone. At the same time, the collateral amount in Bitcoins is the pledge for the loan. Each month the borrower is obliged to pay the agreed monthly repayment amount, in case he does not do so, the required amount in the BTC is deducted from his deposit and transferred to the creditor. In case everything is in order and the borrower makes payment according to the contract, its Bitcoins remain intact and safe until the loan is fully repaid, and then they will return to him. In this way, we get a self-paying loan, if I may say so. Here's one small revolution, that crypto brings into the real world.
3. But what is the danger?
I thought for a long time about this system and came to the conclusion that the worst thing that can happen here is what we all saw at the end of 2017. People who bought Bitcoin at the maximum price, now have to sit and wait. Either, they had to go out with losses. Imagine a situation where the creditor issued a loan at the time when Bitcoin was worth $ 20,000 and began to move down. It is possible that the borrower will look at the price and decide what it is not profitable to return the loan. In fact, it turns out that the creditor bought Bitcoin at a bad exchange rate. But as far as I understood, the risks should be taken into account in percentage terms under which the creditor is ready to give his money and also in the BTC collateral amount, which the borrower must deposit into his account. While the system does not work - there is no way to test this in practice. In the rest, I think the system has a right to exist and can be popular.
P. S. After I published the review, the guys from the TRITTIUM's Discord, explained to me that the system provides for such a thing as "Margin Call". This is a kind of protection for the lender from a sharp drop in the price of the lien. Margin Call - automatically sells the asset as soon as its total value falls below the set percentage - a similar option exists on stock exchanges where margin trading is available.
Thanks @Daniel_Altblau for this useful information and for helping to find and correct typos in the text!
4. Why would I do this if I do not plan to take the loan?
I think that everyone who reads this review, somehow connected to the crypto-world, and constantly monitor the relevant sites in search of a new profit coin on which you can earn your "X". I do not presume to say that you will be able to earn money here, I just can not and do not want to take responsibility for your investments, so, as you understand, you are the only one who makes a decision. I can only state the facts and technical details that are freely available. Also, I must say that I am not a developer or a member of a development team, therefore, for more detailed information, you'd better contact the appropriate Discord group: https://discord.gg/WmHJKYu
And so: the coin is created on the basis of the POS algorithm, i.e. network efficiency is supported by the masternodes. Accordingly, the node holder receives a fee in coins for transaction maintenance. The reward system is as follows:
Accordingly to the MNO site: https://masternodes.online/currencies/TRTT/, the daily reward of the node, at the moment, is 465 coins, which is approximately 1% (0.935% to be precise) of the cost of the node itself. Those, at this stage, we still have a reasonably attractive payback period of 100 days. The main thing is to ensure the demand for a coin. There is still demand, but the market is densely saturated and the exchange on which the coin is currently trading, not so actively absorbs the excess supply already, so the price of the coin has now begun to fall. Everyone can have their own opinion about whether it is worth buying a coin that has fallen sufficiently in price, but it seems to me that the biggest "X" are made on such coins, the only question is "what is the reason for the fall?" In this case, the fall is caused by the fact that the developers could not correctly calculate the saturation speed of the market and the total number of coins that will be released by the system into circulation. But they acknowledge their mistake and promised to change the reward system and cut the maximum number of coins in circulation as soon as they release the platform. Terms of release - the end of August, the beginning of September. This means that in a month the cost of the coin can start to grow, not only by reducing the award, but also through the production of a working platform. The fact is that the platform itself will generate additional demand for a coin, since all commissions will have to be paid in their own coins.
5. What if it's a scam?
With all my desire, I can not give an answer to this question, because I can not get into the developers head, although I would very much like to, because I myself am a coin holder. But I can mention some facts that are indirect, can talk about something.
So. The project has existed for less than three months, what did the developers do during this time?
  1. The concept of a platform is shown, you can touch it on the link: https://platform.trittium.cc/
  2. A multi-currency web wallet has been created, it's already works and you can also find it by the link: https://wallet.trittium.cc/
  3. A payment gateway for the fiat money has been created (but this is only from the developers words, it is unfortunately, still impossible to test).
  4. A partnership agreement has been concluded with the developers of the GenesisX platform, they will use the payment gateway and the TRITTIUM web wallet for payments on their platform. In addition, other projects developers are interested in their payment gateway.
  5. The GenesisX coin is already integrated into the TRITTIUM web wallet.
  6. Work is under way on a mobile wallet, it has already been tested by community members, but at the moment it is not freely available, for test. You can only see a short video demonstration: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QwsJSGbNlYfznfTwFVjFH-fkLrcJCOnI
  7. The other day, the developer flew to St. Petersburg to meet with the investors, and invited members of the community to come to the meeting, for live communication. As far as I know, in the scam projects such an option is not provided.
  8. At the moment, 70% of all system coins are locked in the masternodes. This indicates the confidence of the coin-holders in the project.
  9. Almost from the very beginning of the project, members of the community, who had 5 or more masternodes, formed the Board of Directors. All decisions concerning changes in the operation of the system are taken only by discussion with the BoD. For example, it was decided by the BoD to include Developer Fee in to the reward system - coins that will be spent on the development of the project, listing on exchanges, websites, advertising, etc.
  10. More recently, the project has been added to the well-known CMC service: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/trittium/ However, the site does not yet displays the Circulating Supply and the total Market Cap, but this, of course, will soon be corrected.
Here's what was done in less than 3 months. I think that there are not so many projects that even exist much longer than this, can boast some of the developments that have already been implemented here.
What is expected in the near future:
  1. The official registration of the company, which will allow the project to start working
  2. Mobile wallet release .
  3. They promise to add stacking to the web-wallet.
  4. Running the working platform in late summer.
  5. Changing the reward system.
I think, this can be the end. It seems to me, that the information provided is well enough to have an idea about this project. All the rest, if you are interested, you will find yourself following the links:
The official Bitcointalk announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3594021
Official website: https://trittium.cc/
Once again I want to remind you that I do not agitate anyone to buy something or invest your money. I'm just doing a review of the project, which I hope, will also be useful to someone. I will be glad to read your comments and thoughts on this project.
Thank you for your attention!
Updated on 10/08/2018
Friends, since the writing of the article, it's been two weeks, but in this short period of time, there have been many interesting and important events in the TRITTIUM project. So I decided to update it a little.
What is so important happened? So:
On August 2, the developer of the project conducted a live voice conference with the Discord group members, during which he answered the questions of the coin holders. I should note that this is not the first such conference held by TRITTIUM Core, which is very encouraging! I have not seen anything like this in other projects, and this has already become a good tradition. And that's how many interesting things were told:
  1. The most important thing is that the developers submitted the documents for company registration, published them, and talked about themselves.
  1. Almost ready to update the road map and white paper.
  2. They told us that they are preparing the launch of side projects that will consume TRITTIUM coins, and thereby strengthen the position of the project.
  3. Trittium Passport is being developed.
  4. Preparing for the release of Android and iOS wallets and applying them to Google Play and the IOS App Store.
  5. They told about the forthcoming fork: it will be held, approximately, in a month; the block reward will be reduced by 50-60%, and then, in 3-4 months, by another 30%. A detailed table of calculations you can see on the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1phxd9YXH8NmjNozCDd05QBItGYWgeR5vgV-skaYD8mQ/edit#gid=478905884
  6. One of the most important things that developers plan to implement is the Proof of Consumption algorithm. This is a new, perhaps revolutionary, idea. The essence of it is to increase the incentive for Masternode holders and at the same time create a deficit of coins. The mechanism is as follows: for example, if the platform has earned 1,700,000 TRITTIUM coins, 700,000 coins will be burned, in order to create a deficit and strengthen the coin's value. Of the remaining amount of 1,000,000 coins, 40% will go to developers, as operation income, and 60% will be transferred to holders of Masternodeas as an additional income. Thus, we will simultaneously create a deficit of coins, which will lead to the price increase, and at the same time, an additional increase in the profitability of Masternode. As it seems to me, this is the best way, the developers can show the concern about their investors! A detailed Proof of Consumption table can be seen below:
  1. There also were shown advertisements, that are being prepared for the marketing company. You can see them by following the links:
  1. 06/08/2018 The TRITTIUM developer has go through public verification on Know Your Developer platform: https://review.kydcoin.io/trittum/
  2. 08/08/2018 Announcement of cooperation with the Xorn project. As in the case of GenesisX, the Xorn coin will be integrated into the TRITTIUM wallets and payment gateways. In the future, it will be possible to launch Xorn Masternode (as well as other coins), in one click, directly from the wallet; as well as a quick exchange for other coins, also without leaving your wallet.
Here are the ten news, that changed the world, and in the same time, increased the coin's value by 2 times. As we can see - the developers have very serious intentions, are open to communication and working hard. Conclusions? You can make it yourself ;)
Thank you! And good luck!
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Truth about Ethereum is being banned at Bitcointalk

I have been making factual posts about Ethereum (and Synereo) and all the following posts have been deleted by the moderators and they have banned my username for making factual posts about Ethereum.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: damn_the_truth on Today at 05:06:30 AM TPTB_need_war was banned for 3 days for writing in big red letters that "Ethereum is broken and can't be fixed" and proceeded to defend this point factually.
And so the mods have now demonstrated they are involved in the pump of Ethereum.
So much for the objectivity of this forum.
They allow excessive trolling and scams no problem though.
Note TPTB_need_war posted the same statement about ETH in three threads, because suddenly 5 or 6 new threads all about pumping Ethereum appeared today. If the pumpers can make three threads, then why can't they all be rebutted? They can spam, but the opposing opinion and facts can't be. As if the opposition is the spammer but spamming the Altcoin Discussion with a proliferation of Ethereum pump threads is not spamming. Roll Eyes
The thread that in particular incited me to post so forcefully in opposition is the one that as a title implying if Ethereum will go challenge Bitcoin's market cap. That is clearly manipulative of the readers inducing them into a mania based on some totally implausible proposition. How can a broken block chain design that hasn't solved the most fundamental issue pertaining to verification and scaling of long-running scripts have any chance of challenging Bitcoin's market cap. Ridiculous.
Someone may want to quote this, as surely the drunk mods will delete this and permanently ban ban_the_truth (and probably they will permanently ban TPTB_need_war).
Doesn't Theymos understand that you can never silence a person who knows he is just and correct. A person will fight to the death when they know truth is on their side. And will eventually win. Those who try to obscure truth will always eventually lose.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: WilderX on Today at 08:36:10 AM y0 newbs, you talking about issues with mining? Did you know ETH goes POS this year?
Yo clueless n00b, do you not understand the PoS doesn't rectify the fundamental flaw in the economics of the verification of long running scripts that I explained upthread and for which I have been banned for trying to point out in the numerous threads pumping Ethereum that spammed the Altcoin Discussion forum today.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: stoat on Today at 05:58:42 AM You still don't get it do you? The hype for ethereum is actually real. As in, it's our best hope. And people who actually want crypto to succeed as an idea will get behind it.
Oh because it is our only hope, then we have to ignore the fact that after more than a year since they took and spent ICO money, they still haven't solved the most fundamental issue of the block chain technology required for long running scripts (if they want scaling and decentralization).
Put Vitalik in a live debate with me right now and I will be able to force him to admit that is the truth.
Or ban_the_truth so you can sucker more n00bs into being bagholders to the insiders can cash out.
Quote from: stoat on Today at 05:58:42 AM Tptb want war, well, the entire time ive visited this forum he is either wasting everyones time with mental masturbation or simply stumbling from thread to thread FUDDing down every coin that would dare to challenge his "intellectual superiority".
Because you are not interested in actually solving the core technical challenges that inhibit cryptocurrency from scaling out to the masses and being compatible with marketing strategies that can do so, such as the one I will drop on the world.
All you want is something you can pump up. And you want it sooner than it is ready. And so thus you think I am not worthy, and you think the broken Ethereum is.
I never took $millions of ICO while I was researching and developing the solutions we need. Ethereum did and still didn't solve the most basic issue they need to.
Whereas I have solved the major fundamental issues. Sorry if the good stuff takes time. If you are in a rush, then feel free to give your money away to those who are willing to take it.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: Elokane on January 25, 2016, 12:56:02 PM
Quote from: TPTB_need_war on January 24, 2016, 05:27:06 AM
Quote from: CoinHoarder on January 24, 2016, 03:28:48 AM I think social media can possibly be taken over by cryptocurrency/decentralized/blockchain technology. Think about it... Facebook has a market capitalization of 266.3 billion. What if a portion of their net profit was distributed to its users instead? Which service would you use... one that makes money off of you providing you nothing in return, or one that pays you to use its service? There are likely a few projects attempting to capitalize on this space. The only one off the top of my head I can name is Synereo and I am on the fence as to whether it is is a legit project or a P&D... I am waiting on the sidelines for now. http://www.synereo.com/
I will respond to the rest of your informative post later (as I need to go outside on this Sunday).
I think Synereo may be conceptually on the right track, in that ads should preferrably be content that users want to see. I can envision content providers being creative in how they advertise products within enjoyable content. The bottom line is the economics per my prior post in reply to TechorMarketing. There were one or two ads on Google that were so interesting to me, I wanted to save a copy of the video ad. Meaning the way to beat Google is by making the advertising more efficient, thus superior ROI for all participants (advertiser, content creator, and viewer). If the superior algorithms require decentralization and cutting out the middle man, then Google with all its technical prowess can do nothing to compete.
Spot on!
Quote I only scanned a portion of their white paper. I believe they may have Sybil attack problems in their attention model (thus being gamed and not having the result intended), but I can't yet judge that with any certainty as I need to study it more carefully.
You've given me something very intellectually deep to chomp on, so thank you. I love conceptual paradigm shifts and I like to analyze models. I will need more time on this.
Looks to me as though they are serious. The devil is in the details on their technical model. They have a brainy looking CSO mathematician, so perhaps some of the model theory is originating from him.
The attention model is mine. We've designed it carefully against Sybil attacks. If you think you've identified an attack vector, do let us know -- I'll give you with an AMP bounty for it.
Feel free to join our Slack channel at slack.synereo.com and chat with us there directly.
So you must be younger guy Dor who I've viewed in the Hangout videos in the Synereo channel on YouTube?
Quote from: Elokane on Today at 12:01:35 PM It is common knowledge that Greg, Synereo's CSO, is leading the design of Casper, Ethereum's new proposed Proof of Stake blockchain: https://blog.ethereum.org/2015/12/28/understanding-serenity-part-2-caspe He has spoken about the design principles of the technology underlying this effort, what would allow it to scale, in the recent Ethereum developer conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzahKc_ukfM
Synereo is NOT building their technology on Ethereum. Rather, it is Ethereum who are using Greg's decades of expertise in the field, and Synereo technology, to build their own.
Ethereum has provided Synereo with developer grants for this purpose. Hopefully, collaboration will continue in other ways as well. We also believe that our notion of a "smart contract", which we call a social contract, is more advanced, mature and scalable than anyone else's. People in the industry are starting to get a sense of this as well, including our friends at Ethereum. http://blog.synereo.com/2015/03/06/social-contracts-pt-ii/
A comprehensive post going into detail about all of these subjects are in the works.
Feel free to ask any other question about this here or on our slack channel at slack.synereo.com.
And appears Greg is the greying long-haired mathematician in Seattle that I've viewed on the same videos.
I am doing an in depth study of your system and I am not yet ready to offer all my feedback because I am in the midst of analyzing it.
However I do want to start with a few observations.
First I want to thank you for providing those Hangout videos because I am gaining much information from listening to the feedbacks from the musicians. That has been very useful for my marketing research.
  1. Greg asks what can a decentralized Synereo do that centralized SoundCloud can't do, and Dor replies that the bandwidth (he said "distribution" but I assume he means download and streaming bandwidth) costs become free because they are provided by the users. Unfortunately this is incorrect. Decentralized filesystems will not work and are theft socialism (stealing from those who pay, to redistribute to those who didn't pay for it) models as I explained yesterday. For context, make sure you understand how I explained to Bittorrent in 2008 that their optimistic choking algorithm was a theft socialism model and was apparently ignored with the result now that we have government takeover of the internet underway via Net Neutrality. Note that Matt the owner of Ninja Tunes music company precisely nails this point later in the video and explains why distributed files systems can't handle legality. Furthermore, Matt astutely explains that copyright infringement can get Synereo in legal trouble and Greg retorts that decentralized systems can't be legally attacked, but what is forgetting is as I pointed out yesterday, that the Synereo system can be banned by Hosting providers (because they are culpable) and thus all files would need to be stored and served from users' computers which has severe issues I had explained.
  2. I will expend some time studying Casper's design, but I already watched some videos of Ethereum presentations about the strategy for shards and proofs against cheating in the attempt to achieve decentralized scaling with verification of long-running scripts. And I have explained why it will never work. I have an entire thread dedicated to discussing the finer issues with block chain consensus and the CAP theorem is fundamental. Essentially you can't use propagation as a consensus rule thus proofs against cheating will fail as methodology. You simply can't solve the Tragedy of the Commons verification problem without centralization. Period. You will eventually face come to this realization that your ideas are fundamentally flawed and can't be fixed.
  3. An attention model based upon users approvals is probably going to suffer from the same phenomenon I observed when I asked my gf why she was rapid clicking every Like on her timeline without even reading the posts. She said because they are my friends and will Like all my posts also. But I need to study your model in detail in the white paper before I can comment further on it.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: tokeweed on Today at 09:55:40 AM I appreciate that you're trying to get your argument out. And you do have some points to think about. But this is a time of less talk and more trades. There's profit to be made in this current price run, which could be one of the largest runs we've seen in altcoins.
You can't speak for all readers, because you are not all readers.
Those of you who bought Ethereum at lower prices are in a different risk situation compared to those who are reading your pumping and considering whether to buy at these nosebleed levels.
I am not making any guesses about whether the price will go much higher or not (manias often do).
Rather I am providing balancing information for those readers who might think they can't lose because of some fundamental long-term value, which I assert does not exist because Ethereum hasn't solved the fundamental technological issue required to scale their system in terms of decentralized verification of long-running scripts. And in fact, they will not be able to solve this problem, not with Casper or anything else because it violates the CAP theorem.
The only solution will end up being centralization and then therefor those who are talking about building decentralized apps on top of Ethereum (e.g. this Synereo which I will be commenting on next) are apparently in technical delusion also. Btw, I have been watching the YouTubes of this Greg @ Synereo who I just read is claimed to be the lead dev on Casper, and I will be explaining that he doesn't seem to understand block chain consensus technology.
Stay tuned, this is going to get much more informative and interesting...
(sorry again that TPTB_need_war remains banned by drunken mods for 3 days so ban_the_truth must communicate interim)
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: Elokane on Today at 01:16:08 PM 2. Well, we think we have a solution! Would you like to take a look at the post Greg is writing on the subject? We'd value your direct feedback on it. This approach is different from the one Ethereum espoused before, and both Vitalik and Vlad are working with Greg to develop it now.
Will do after I finish watching the video.
Quote from: Elokane on Today at 01:16:08 PM 3. We have a mechanism taking into account a few parameters to make it so people who behave in exactly the way you describe have very little, if any, impact on this economy. Generally, we're looking for actions that have high entropy; if "B", your GF, is essentially a copy of "A", you, there's very little information there.
Is that specifically covered in the white paper or a design improvement hence?
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote from: Elokane on Today at 01:23:51 PM He's providing valuable constructive feedback, which we always welcome!
Thanks. Academics understand their life is finite and thus peer review in valuable so they don't waste time down a dead end.
A welcome change in tone compared to others who attack me relentlessly for trying to share/collaborate on research and analysis.
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote Another thought off the top of my head is where Greg explains why the bar of implementation is so much higher and Dor astutely points out that they are competing against very well entrenched and well vetted user interfaces (Facebook, etc).
I appreciate that honesty and I believe in separation-of-concerns, orthogonality, and modularity, because no only it provides more degrees-of-freedom, but it also means you don't have to necessarily implement everything yourself. It may be better to let others build those user interfaces for example from an API. But this is very complex to analyze because of the integration with the complexities of the attention model, etc..
I am just cautioning you that building all yourself, meaning you are limiting the network effects and making the scalability of the system (from the programming standpoint) funnel through your one organization.
I am thinking about a marketing strategy that is much more modular and encourages others to build on top of what my project would provide. But I am also thinking about how what I am contemplating is differentiated from what Synereo is proposing and whether there are collaborative opportunities or... (conclusions still not yet clear to me)
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.
Quote I need to correct an error I made upthread. I stated that the reason payers would not pay for ASIC mining farm to compute the PoW share the payer must include with the transaction, would be because the PoW share could be computed locally faster than the latency for a round-trip network request for the PoW share generated on the lowest cost ASIC mining farm. And I stated that this was because the payer would sign the PoW share, so the "provider" receiving the transaction (with the attached PoW share) would not be be able instead compute the PoW share for the payer (without the round-trip latency delay). I had stated this was a difference from Iota's design which can't allow payers to sign PoW, because Iota's defense against certain attacks requires that anyone can recompute the PoW share and reattach a transaction to a different branch of the DAG.
That will not work in my design because the payer has to do a roundtrip request to request the current "intra-block chain" hash from a "provider" to include in the PoW share (otherwise the same PoW share could be submitted to multiple providers and thus payers have no vote in the LCR). Therefor the PoW share computation can be outsourced at no extra latency cost.
However on further analysis this does not entirely weaken the intent of my design to remain decentralized. The key is the power remains in the hands of the payers to choose which provider to submit their transaction to and thus can choose to route away from any malfeasance (since they are paying for the PoW share via a transaction fee to the provider). Although it means mining capital costs will be reimbursed (unlike in the case where the payers' computers would compute the PoW share then the non-payers mining capital costs would be unreimbursed given the block reward would be 0 or very small relative to the difficulty), mining equipment will not be wildly profitable as in the case for Bitcoin since the reimbursement is only for costs, thus still the point remains that mining equipment won't be well capitalized for making LONG-TERM 51% attacks on the protocol (even if forced to by regulation as could be the case in Bitcoin) because the payers can send their PoW share computation else where in a heart beat.
This also makes more sense because mobile users are not going to want to compute PoW shares and drain their battery.
One issue is a mining farm located next to a hydropower plant would maybe have (including better economy-of-scale capital costs on equipment) up to a 10X cost advantage over a provider server that is located any host any where.
Perhaps the latency to the mining farm could still be an issue (delay the transaction by another sub-second perhaps) and this could force providers to be located in the datacenters of mining farms to lower latency (which would be catastrophic to remaining decentralized since the choice of providers available to payers would be limited by such confining requirements). OTOH if the cost of the PoW is miniscule relative to the value of the transaction, then PoW share can be computed by a provider with up to 10X greater cost without impacting the payers decision which provider to choose. But remember also that the computation cost of the PoW share needs to be much greater than the validation cost of the transaction overall, but that should be doable since transaction verification is such a miniscule cost.
Again remember I suggested that payers' clients (wallet software) could be induced to move to other providers when a providers PoW share exceeds 5% or so.
Also it is not impossible to design the system such that payers are always listening for the current "intra-block chain" hash updates and so the original point of my latency design could remain. But this would require all payers to be receiving communications from the block chain network at all times, which would increase network load and there are Sybil attack and centralization issues about who pays for this (perhaps payers can pay a provider to provide this data feed). So it is not impossible to envision retaining my original design, but it seems to be workable only for desktops and not for wireless mobile.
If latency becomes the main issue for wireless mobile then telcoms may have the upper hand any way. So it seems that the key is to keep PoW shares small enough to be miniscule relative to typical microtransaction values yet large enough to be greater than the verification cost. Also PoW has to be large enough to prevent spam on the network (which is essentially saying significantly larger than the verification cost, since the storage cost will be assumed to be even lower than the verification cost but I need to run some calculations to confirm this intuition).
I am probably missing a few details in this quickly written post. The entire design could be explained more coherently in a white paper (hopefully forthcoming).
P.S. Note that Iota has the similar issues, and this aspect of Iota was not my main concern expressed upthread about Iota's ability to remain Consistent about double-spends and whether that will lead to divergence (chaos).
Note the above post was deleted by the mods, so I am reposting it. Someone may wish to quote the above technical discussion before some drunk mod goes "happy finger" again.
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[Table] IAmA: I'm Dave Cole, candidate for Congress (NJ-2), a coder and former advisor for technology at the White House. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-03-20
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What are your thoughts on Bitcoin, and the role of the federal government in regulating exchanges? I'm in favor of digital currency and don't support efforts to ban it. And I particularly enjoyed Rep. Polis's approach to highlighting the regulation issue: Link to polis.house.gov
I would love to see someone like you (a technologist) in office. I also know there are a lot of challenges to that happening. Realistically, what kind of shot do you think you have? And what can folks outside your district do to support you (I assume the obvious answer is $$$)? I believe we have the best message, the best platform of ideas, and I bring a new and important perspective to the debate. The challenge now, is getting that message heard across the district. Yes, that takes money. But we have a very good shot at winning this. In fact this district, despite a 20-year incumbent Republican voted for Obama by 8 points in 08 and 12. We need to get the word out.
Contribute: Thousands of small donors can beat thousands from a small amount of donors: Link to coleforcongress.com - Commit: I've open-sourced my policy ideas. Help me improve them: Link to medium.com - Comment: Share our campaign with everyone you know! Share our website, twitter, facebook pages.
Again, we can win by having strength in numbers. I'm doing this because I believe there are more people who see the world like us than who benefit from the system as it is. Technology provides us with the platform to organize and communicate efficiently. Prove me right :)
What is your opinion on the current ban of sale on Tesla in NJ? I think it's an example of a powerful interest group thwarting innovation, and I don't support it.
EDIT: Also, innovators need allies in Congress, not enemies afraid of technology. What kind of message does this send to young people out their who we need in STEM careers when the government unilaterally quashes new technology?
How will you deal with the general disbelief in science among your fellow congressmen? Make Cosmos part of mandatory orientation? Who knows. I think people in Congress generally do what they think will keep them in office, so in this case, we really need people calling out their Reps an Sens. I hope that may evolve away with time, as I don't see nearly the resistance to science in my generation.
As a Security Engineer and 1st year law student, you have just opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for my future(perhaps one day political office). Thanks! Cyber-security is a very important national issue. I encourage you to run!
My question: What is your position on the marijuana legalization debate? We need to give clear guidance to law enforcement. They do vital work ensuring our safety and enforcing the laws. At the same time, marijuana arrests disproportionately affect minorities and can completely disrupt people's lives over relatively minor infractions. I think we should admit what parts of the drug war have failed, modernize our approach, and focus on real problems, like opioid abuse, which is now exploding in schools.
But how would you sum up you stance on other policies. e.g are you socially conservative/liberal; economically conservative/liberal. What are your key sticking points? You know, I hate the labels because they mean different things to different people. My full stance on the issues are here: Link to coleforcongress.com Socially, equality for all. Economically, we need to make investments that will open up more opportunities in the long run. More Paul Wellstone than Ronald Reagan I suppose.
What is your stance on Green Energy & Space Exploration? I cover green / clean energy a bit here (Link to coleforcongress.com) but in short, we need to be making investments in manufacturing the machinery that supports it as well as expanding adoption. Solar cells on every new public building -- why not? Weatherizing schools is also important, especially if we want to change / extend the school year, as seems to have bipartisan support in NJ.
Thanks for not being the stereotypical Silicon Valley Ayn-Rand reincarnation that most software engineers seem to be. Your policies seem decent, and the work-sharing to deal with cuts in hours seems smart - but how would it work in detail so it didn't provide a disincentive to work and yet also prevented employers from abusing it to essentially get taxpayers to pay their wages? I think work sharing holds a lot of promise. Keeps people on the job, avoids employers losing skilled, loyal workers, and has been very successful in other countries like Germany. There are some manageable implementation details. I recommend the section on it here for more on how it could work well: Link to www.cepr.net
How do you intend to support the Bitcoin community and keep companies and jobs in the USA? Many Bitcoin companies aren't even considering America with some founders even moving to other countries. I'm not sure I see conflict between the two, but not having unnecessary regulation of digital currency would make for a better domestic business climate.
What are the most effective strategy/tactics for "getting things done" within the federal government, and how transferrable do you think those things will be in terms of being a productive member of the house? Be open to more iterative problem-solving - Remove antiquated concepts that just cause partisan fighting, like having a minimum wage that doesn't track with cost of living (if it doesn't, why bother having one?), and the debt ceiling, which doesn't stop us from borrowing, just from paying what we already have borrowed! - Better support, like restoring the Office of Technology Assessment for Congress - More incentives / protections for exec branch employees to innovated, such as more vehicles for procurement that bring in small business, and the ability for government tech teams to hire and build teams inside instead of always contracting out.
Hi Dave, thanks for doing this AMA. Simple question. What's your position on net neutrality? Absolutely support it. It's vital for people in areas of the country like my district where we often only have one choice of broadband provider, as well as for small businesses that compete with larger competitors. The internet is a public utility and as such, we need to protect its openness and invest in its expansion to all people and schools in the country.
Having only one broadband provider, my other choice is internet through DSL which is not practical. Shouldn't government be doing more to encourage competition to improve internet connectivity such as what they have done in England? Compared to England, we are paying more for less internet. Susan Crawford proposed having municipal governments build out fiber networks that would be open to any provider. This would create competition and drive down costs, like you see in many other countries with more options. I like this idea and think we could have federal loans to provide financing to municipalities. It's an investment in people, businesses, and schools in our local communities that will pay for itself in so many ways.
Do you think computer science should be a standard in high school? It should be available, though I'm not sure required. Problem is it's not even available in any meaningful way in many schools.
Horse sized duck or duck sized horses? I'm with the Boss on this: Link to www.youtube.com
Hi Mr Cole. I just started an entry level help desk job in an IT department for a telecommunications center. I want to build my career around technology, and I'm very interested in learning coding, but I'm convinced that school just isn't for me. I've already ordered some books to start working on my A+ certification. I'm also slowly teaching myself coding using codeacademy. My question is, what coding language would you recommend for a beginner to get the hang of before branching out to other coding languages? Don't take this as any more than my opinion, but I find javascript to be a great place to start. You can easily work with it in the browser and see your work progress, and through Node.js, you can build very sophisticated and performant applications.
Thanks for the response! Do you know of any good literature or resources I can use to hone my skills/fill space on my desk? There are lots of ebooks and free websites, but mostly it's just practice. Once I got to a moderate level, I found this book to be very helpful: Link to www.amazon.com
What would you suggest to other programmers/engineers/technologists looking to follow suit and represent other districts? How necessary is the washington background? If you can afford to take some time off, do it. Make sure you have the support of your family though -- it takes a toll. Stand up for what you believe, admit what you don't know, and constantly seek feedback on how you can do better. Surround yourself with realistic optimists. Washington background is not necessary, though you should take the time to understand how things work on the Hill and particularly, how real of a factor money is in campaign.
I love that you are open sourcing your policy ideas. If/when you draft new legislation (I'm not sure how common it is for individual congressmen to do so) would you consider open sourcing that process or otherwise opening up the process to the public more than it is currently? Yes, looking forward to doing so whenever possible.
Hypothetical: In the near future, cryptography somehow allows for provably secure, incorruptable direct democracy over the internet. Would you advocate trying it out? Our Constitution provides a very solid framework for government that has withstood serious challenges and even civil war. I support reforming democracy within the scope of the Constitution, which of course, provides a process for amendments too.
Does your campaign need volunteers? What should I do if I'm interested in contributing to the campaign more personally? Always. If you would, enter your info here so we can be in touch: Link to coleforcongress.com
On a final note, I would personally be much more likely to donate if you accepted Bitcoin. I'm looking into it. Political donations are heavily regulated and we use a vendor for this, but I've asked and they're looking into how we can do it. But if you're able to support us in old-fashion USD, please don't wait!
How much of the Government's poor record on technology is a result of the people in place vs the systems in place? Electing better people can help change the first part, but what kinds of changes do you envision to improve the Government's process of dealing with technology? I think it's mostly culture, which is shaped by the policies that govern how the government builds / buys technology. There is plenty of revolutionary tech in and coming out of government, of course the internet, GPS, NASA being a few examples.
Big systems fail in govt, and also in big companies, because the wrong incentives are in place. People may feel the need to protect their jobs by not taking risks. Or there are structural barriers to innovation, like how it's difficult to hire small businesses or build teams internally. More thoughts here: Link to coleforcongress.com
How do you feel about bitcoin and other innovations in currency? Answered that in a few other replies. Generally supportive.
Since you used to work at the White House, do you have any insight on why the president seems so willing to trust the NSA with bulk surveillance authority? Is he unaware of past abuses by that and other agencies, or does he sincerely think they've turned over a new leaf? I can't speak for the President on this issue, but I can say I'm very concerned about the dragnet style metadata collection programs that operate without an open legal process. I think we need to have an oversight process that the public can trust. Generally the intelligence community does important, often thankless work to keep us safe, and that's very important. But we need a check to keep things in balance and respect citizens' digital privacy.
This algorithm for automatically drawing district lines to prevent gerrymandering. Haven't looked at these particular links, but generally I support making election districts and processes more fair. We should optimize for democracy, not incumbency.
Improving our voting system to remove the Spoiler Effect and allow voters to actually support their favorite candidates. I'll check them out. Thanks for sharing.
Why isn't there a max age on congressmen/women? + president, etc. There's a minimum, but no maximum, does that make sense to you? You know, it cuts both ways. Some people get into government after years of a successful career and start late. At the end of the day, the rules are set in the Constitution. I think it's up to us as voters to make better decisions about who we choose to send back each term.
Who is your favorite president of all time? Not sure I have one favorite. Honestly, the grassroots movements that have shaped this country are more interesting to me, from civil rights for African Americans, women, and LGBT, as well as labor, and I think we're in the midst of a new one against money in politics and the idea the corporations have the same rights as people.
Mac or PC? Mac.
What kind of vacuum do you have? Hoover something or other that is awesome for dog hair -- big issue in our house.
What will you do to help the undeunemployed in your district and the state? I have so many friends in NJ who are having a tough time finding work or making enough to live on. Do you think more tech jobs in this state are the answer? I hear you, and it's the main reason I'm running. More tech jobs is only a small part of the answer. I've listed out several things I think we can do as well to help bring new jobs to the state / district, as well as other parts of the country with high unemployment: Link to coleforcongress.com
What, if anything, should US do in regards to Crimea? I don't have any novel ideas on this, but I'm watching the developments closely and my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people who have been through so much, even before this recent move.
When you say "the city", do you mean Philly or NYC? Philly for me, but my wife is from Fort Lee (famous for it's "traffic problems" and proximity to NYC)
What can we hope from you in the future? I'm very committed to trying to build a groundswell of support here in South Jersey for some new ideas around turning the economy around and investing in the future. I'm staying focused on running an open, innovative campaign, and winning this election. There are very high stakes: we need to revitalize our economy and provide well-paying jobs, double-down on providing a world-class education to all young people, and planning for our future.
Once elected, I want to run our Congressional office as a modern organization with smart people from all backgrounds collaborating on new solutions to old problems.
No matter how far we get, I hope that along the way, we leave breadcrumbs and artifacts of better ways forward, and that others will join in and pick up the pieces and push forward in their own way.
I have great concerns about sites like Spokeo and other aggregators of personal information. I actually found a site listing an email address that I hadn't used since high school. What is Congress doing to protect people from having their personal information collected and what would you do? I'm interested in the idea of how we can grant people more ownership of their data. I'm not sure of any current initiatives to do this in Congress, but I share the concern. Have any specific suggestions?
(1) how would increased funding aid education, particularly given the anemic result of Mark Zuckerberg's 100mm donation to Newark? Early childhood education is incredibly important. We should be able to provide universal pre-K and K, as study after study shows this is such a formative time for kids that affects their success throughout their education - Listen to teachers. Most just want what's best for students, and we need to empower them to get it done. Have fair assessment designed with teachers to first remediate or ultimately remove those who are not affective - Avoid short-sided attempts to spin off public funding into vouchers or exclusive charters that just pull the best students out of public schools.
(2) do you believe that financial literacy should be taught in public schools Yes, great idea.
How does someone looking to get on the groundfloor of a campaign such as yours get on the senior staff? Just asking is a start! Experience is important, but I look for people who work hard, take sensible risks, and have an optimistic attitude about bringing about change. Send me an email: [email protected].
You are open sourcing your platform, but I feel like this has more benefits to law making--like seeing who is trying to influence legislation--do you think something like that would work? Yes! I'm doing it now, because there's no reason not to. And would I intend to continue in this way when elected.
I haven't gotten to check it out yet, but I read that you put your platform up on Github. I think that's brilliant. I'm a current first year law student with a software design background. I do a lot of talking about using version control and massive collaboration to write laws. I get a lot of blank stares in response, from students and professors alike. Do you think there's a future where this actually takes off as a way to develop legislation? Yes, it's a matter of time, in my opinion. It have made collaborative software development more efficient and fun. I intend to keep pushing in this direction for government policy as well.
How do you see Bitcoin improving and globalizing the American economy on levels never seen before? I'm not sure -- how you see it doing so?
Are you related to J. Cole? Probably not the one you're thinking of.
Why do all of you politicians hate airsoft? It is illegal here in my town in Nj? (Sorry ur not a politician) I don't know what that is and I'm not a politician!
What are your views on cyber security and especially the security of mobile phones as we increasingly use them for banking and other financial services. I share the concern, and would support better standards for security. Do you have specific recommendations in mind?
Whats your favorite show on netflix. House of Cards, and even more so after watching this: Link to vk.com
Dave, your an enemy of freedom. Your a tax and spend liberal democrat and your ultimate goal is to disarm the people of NJ. U gun grabbing liberal asshole. I support freedom and thank you for sharing your opinion. I wish you a wonderful day in which no one calls you an a**hole.
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