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100mBTC reward for smart bitcoiner to debate this Guy on YouTube

Message me before contact him so I know your intention.
He is very eager to debate someone who knows bitcoin so there should be little to no delays on his part.
Once the video is live on his channel send me your bitcoin address to get your reward.
I need your name or link to match the person he listed in the debate.
His name is Don Harrold of
Also owns - He's been a guest on Fox news for his investment commentary years ago
EDIT: Main channel in case video is removed:
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Author: Don Harrold. Posted on September 30, 2020. ... then the print counterpart to today’s Fox News. ... The stunning rise of a single Bitcoin is an example of that but that glorious moment in our history when Americans believed that a house was an ever-increasing investment works as well. Click Money System is a new scam that has been claiming to help the traders in making a huge amount of money on daily basis. With claims so big, it wasn’t long until it caught a lot of attention from all around. Unfortunately, for the user, you will need to have a click money system invitation […] [ May 29, 2020 ] Bitcoin Rally Shows Traders Don’t Care That Goldman Hates Their Asset Class Crypto News [ May 29, 2020 ] Digital Dollar Project Calls for 2-Tiered Distribution System in First White Paper for US CBDC Crypto News [ May 29, 2020 ] GSX Group’s New Digital Securities Venue Tokenizes First Client Shares Crypto News [ October 5, 2020 ] Blockchain Bites: Ethereum’s Economy, Estonia’s CBDC Research, Coinbase’s Severances Crypto News [ October 5, 2020 ] Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab Funds Have Been Loading Up on Crypto Mining Stocks Crypto News [ October 5, 2020 ] First Mover: Day in the Life of a Yield Farmer Means Part-Time Gig, Full-Time Risk Crypto News The News UNIT I'm Storm Chaser David Casper and my faith is in God and my Saviour Jesus Christ. The author is a storm chaser, storm tracker, freelance photojournalist, and video stringer that does part time news gathering and dissemination. My primary interest is in reporting and filming severe weather events.

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Bitcoin Intrinsic Value - Guest Don Harrold

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